Dining Tables

Featured image: Wooden dining table from Nill’s collection

Wooden furniture, with its vintage charisma adds a sense of allure to your home. And that is why one must give its maintenance extra attention.Whether you use your table for everyday dining or exclusively for special occasions, your wooden dining table needs special care, both preventive and constant.

The following are few tips on how to maintain your wooden dining table:

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
Exposing wooden furniture to direct sunlight for prolonged period of time can cause the wood to fade and eventually crack.

In case the table is placed in such a place where the UV rays fall during the day, it is advisable to cover it with a table cloth to maintain its lustre.

Dining Tables
Avoid using a dry cloth for dusting
Always use a soft cloth like an old t-shirt or a microfiber cloth to effectively remove dust. Using a dry cloth for rubbing can cause damaging scratches to the surface. Therefore, it is always safe to use a slightly dampened cloth for dusting.

Avoid soaking the wood in water
If you are trying to get rid of stubborn sticky stain or grease, never splash water directly on the wooden furniture in order to clean it. It is advisable to combine few drops of non-alkaline dish soap and warm water, dip a tiny part of a microfiber cloth in the solution and quickly rub on the sticky spot. Once the spot is clean, immediately wipe the area dry with another microfiber cloth.

Avoid placing extremely hot and cold items
When you place extremely hot and cold substances on the wooden table, they tend to alter the original grain of the wood. Easy solution for this is by placing protective pads under each hot dish. Or cover your wooden table with a protective sheet that is designed to accommodate the entire table-top.

Dining Tables
Avoid scratches
Be mindful about placing sharp objects away from the wooden table to avoid scratches. Nevertheless, a furniture touch-up marker can come to your rescue.

Regular polishing
Wax adds a protective layer on the surface. Therefore, it is highly advisable to apply some silicone-free hard wax onto it to protect it and give it a glossy finish. This practice would keep your wooden furniture seemingly ageless.

Maintaining your wooden furniture isn’t that difficult and time consuming. All it needs is little efforts. Mentioned above are few simple, tried & tested tips to make your wooden furniture look and feel as new as the day you bought it.

By- Furniture World